Spray Tan

Maintain a glowing tan all year long! We’ll give you a sun-kissed look and help you make the most out of your experience. $45 regular | $50 rapid dry

We are delighted that you have chosen Terramé for your airbrush tanning experience! For best results, shower, shave, and thoroughly exfoliate before your spray-tanning service. Exfoliation allows for a more even coverage in your spray tan application. Make sure your face is free of make-up at the time of your session. We can provide cleansers at the time of your appointment if necessary. Also, please be sure to remove any deodorant or perfume from your body, as that can also have an effect on the coverage of the spray tan. After your service, proper moisturizing is key. Do not book manicures or pedicures for three days following your spray tan, as exfoliation or buffing can alter your tan.

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